Vikrant Bhingardive

Vikrant Bhingardive

Vikrant Bhingardive is an Indian young entrepreneur, and the founder of Markedia Group, Pune-based business web development.

Vikrant Bingardive a 25 years old Pune based Web Designer. Basically, he does not have a background in IT field whatsoever. But with his determination of doing something creative and innovative he entered in the field of Web Designing and Digital Marketing. Although he is not holding any educational degree or diploma in any stream, to have something in life and to start earning for the life he had completed the course in the Interior Design.  He always aims to join Indian Navy and do something for the Nation.

But during the medical examination, he came to know that his right Eye is lazy (Amblyopia ) which vanish his dream to work for the Indian Navy. That makes him think for different field and as he is having a very good-looking and Charming Personality that encourage him to try his luck in the field of Modelling & that worked for him very well. He was earning a good and develop a good lifestyle for himself during that period. In his word, those were the Golden days of his life.

But his creative mind didn’t allow him to settle in that field and that makes him again to search for the opportunity. and a field where he can use his creativity and apply innovative idea which benefits to the industry. This passion for doing something creative and innovative brings him in the corporate world. He worked for several companies but not getting what he is looking for or scope for his creative mind.

And one day he got an opportunity to work for his friend’s organization where he joins as Marketing Executive. That marketing is web-based or you can say digitally. and while doing this job he got developed his interest in the field of IT and then he started studying ‘WordPress’ and other web fields by using media like ‘Google and YouTube’. He felt he wanted to quit and start his own business. With his skill set, Vikrant could have easily lived a luxurious life by working with any IT company. But he decided to take a leap of faith and venture into the IT industry.

Finally, a dream comes true, He has registered his own firm with the name of ‘’MARKEDIA’’. He handles his projects from home with the good team of Developers works with him. He works with the Policy of Hassel free service which gives complete customer satisfaction. He works with complete commitment and with a Customer Focus approach. So he always assures the best service to his customer. Vikrant has worked sincerely and has now created a unique identity in the market.

Vikrant said  The web presence of a business is very important and need of time, A unique domain name and website is the foundation of your online presence but it will not stop here. SEO of your website is very important and beneficial & in the fast-growing social media world, social media marketing helps to increase business revenue that’s why I founded Markedia because I wanted to create a trustworthy and inspiring place for you to find everything you need to run your business successfully and I know you’ll get lost in our services”